Granite, the material to make dreams of Stone Lanterns
What is granite?
The term "granite" is used to cover a group of related stones. They have their origin deep in the earth’s molten mantle. Granite rocks are igneous rocks which were formed by slowly cooling pockets of magma that were trapped beneath the earth's surface. As this extremely hot liquid hard minerals such as quarts, feldspar and mica rises and cools, it forms a solid crystalline, granular structure.

Granite and other granite-like stones are formed of hard minerals such as quarts, feldspar and mica, which are fused together into a very hard stone ideal for long lasting monuments and for trim and decoration on buildings.

What’s the difference between marble and granite?
Although both are stones and both are quarried from the earth, granite and marble are very different from each other. True geological marble is limestone that has been subjected to great pressure and heat. Formed deep in the earth’s mantle at extremely high temperatures, after millions of years, marble is transformed to a very hard, resistant stone made of crystallized minerals.

Carved granite lanterns, basins and sculptures are one of the most recognized and visually stimulating element in a Japanese or Chinese garden. As Granite is a very dense, durable and hard natural stone items carved from granite will last a life time and many times passed on for generations to come. As it is ideally suited for extreme weather conditions, it resists wear, deterioration and weathering, while maintaining its natural beauty and finish.



Stone Lanterns are made from the following slightly different colored granite:


G/603 G/623  
G/633 G/682  


Place of Origin for Stone Lanterns and Stone Sculptures

Fujian Province, also known as "Min", is situated along China's southeastern coast and is the largest island in mainland China. The Province occupies an area of 121' 400 square kilometers, with a population of over 35 millions.

Fujian is known for its eight mountains, one river and count for one tenth of Chinese rice production and enjoys vast sea and mild temperature. The Province is rich in mineral resources, forestry, waterpower and aquatic products.
The climate is especially conducive to crop production as Fujian's 1.24 million hectares of cultivated land allows to grow rice, wheat, sweet potatoes, soybeans and peanuts.

Industry in Fujian is of considerable dimensions. The major industrial product groups are building materials, forest products, light industrial products, electronic products, chemical products, machinery products, metallurgical products and energy products. Shoushan and Fuzhou are known for its stone carving and the main production sites for carved stone lanterns, basins and sculptures.

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